El tiempo cambia lo que el corazon no puede.

Today is February 2nd, 2015. This is the month of love and wine, and for my part of the world, a remembrance of black history.

However for me, it means that it´s been a year and five weeks since I have gathered the courage to put an honest effort into writing. It´s been exactly 400 days or 34,400,000 seconds. My heart has beat approximately 41,472,000 times, and I have taken around 11,520,000 breaths.

And Time keeps passing without any intention of halting.

And for the past 57 weeks, I have let myself become a secluded stranger, someone even I can´t recognize. 18 year old Trinh would kick my 22 year old arrogant ass with no hesitation.. and absolutely would not apologize for it.

So in my attempt to become the person I want to be, I know that I must change. And though I have uprooted my life and moved to a different country… this change must come from within to be everlasting.

Change is inevitable and in my year long quest to resist it, I ended up hindering my own human experience and personal growth.

I am the only person responsible for my happiness. A recycled lesson — I have learned in many different ways throughout my almost 23 years of existence. And perhaps, this is the most profound manner in which I am revisiting it.

My new year´s resolution this year is very simple: to be honest, with myself and with others. To be my absolute authentic self in every passing moment. To try and share my thoughts and my feelings, even if it makes me distressingly uncomfortable. To expose my soul to the world again, and in return, gain invaluable experience.

In the first month of 2015, I have changed more than in the entire stagnant year of 2014. And with the beginning of February underneath my feet, it´s time to take another step forward and begin writing again.

So this is my venture: to publish my awakened mind and heart ambitiously and sincerely from my 13 month slumber in the form of photographs and words.


Zero is a mysterious concept and shape. It is the untangled sister of infinity. Where I end is where I begin.


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