My phone lit up with a new message, your name across the screen. 

Within it were three simple words. I was surprised by the sentiment. A few years back, we had recited many combinations of three worded one liners to each other to express our adoration. 

But time had changed us, and our hearts. 

“Are you happy?” 

Honestly, and sincerely, I replied simply with a — “Yes, I am.” 

Time had been a great lover to me in your absence. Slapped me on my wrists when I strayed away, held my hand when I needed guidance, pushed me forward when I required courage, and revealed to my blinded heart the power of forgiveness. 

Time has transformed my heart; for the better. And who I am now, I’m so very happy with. 



25/6/2013 — Xalkidiki, Greece 

I watched the sunset die on the horizon, in all its glory, it awakened a quiet, thoughtful corner in my soul. 

Realizing then that endings are Life’s greatest secrets; revealing an infinite number of beginnings. 


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