Your chromosomes combined beautifully. 

13th of September, 2012

I have known you for a little over 3 wonderfully hard years, and do you remember when I sent you roses from half way across the world, or the day you told me that being alone was your greatest fear?  
Because I can remember the time you asked me to tell you something I’ve never told anyone else, and though my heart wanted to say “I love you,” I kept it to myself,

and instead I told you I was a writer.

And I think you thought I meant I put words on paper, and you tried to impress me using a metaphor of how you hoped I wouldn’t disappear like water vapor. 
Because if I was water, you wanted to savor, every last taste.

I studied biology once while I was still confused about my life and its meaning, and I learned that our bodies are made up of 70% of h20. And I took this to soul, and since you compared me to water theoretically, I always only gave you 70% of me… maybe even less. 

And you like gold, gave me 100 percent. But I couldn’t let completely go, and so I just let you rent, out my heart while I stayed the landlord 

but I began to feel new things, and I realized maybe I wasn’t the one who could afford,

to lose you. 

Rotterdam, The Netherlands


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