a beautiful girl

with your own beautiful world

i want to explore 


Salem, Massachusetts 


8 thoughts on “#14

      1. kandriot1

        First problem, I live in Texas. Of course the other two are the normal (lame) excuses; I need the funds and the time.

        The history is pretty amazing. I think my favorite part was getting to tour the house of 7 gables.

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      2. kandriot1

        I am from the North Dallas area. You?

        I have not been to the graveyards. I think part of what has always facinated me about Salem is the American Gothic writing. You know like the stuff Nathaniel Hawthorn writes (Hous of 7 Gables). Wouldn’t it be cool to go on a paranormal tour is Salem?

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      3. trinh16 Post author

        I’m from West Texas!
        Yeah I definitely agree. I was just talking with a friend today about the Scarlet Letter and Young Goodman Brown.. dark literature indeed.
        Yeah it really would be! I was only there for a day trip, but I really want to go back for a paranormal tour. I took one of those in New Orleans and loved it.

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