“You experienced her and she experienced you. To not write about her is an injustice to your own heart. You gave her the best version of you as a lover and so your works of art reflect that. Why you should feel the need to stop writing about a past love for the sake of other’s feelings is beyond me. Don’t feel ashamed; you should feel proud. That you loved and you lost, but mostly that you lived: with all your entire being — but you care too much for others and their opinions on matters of your own heart. And I don’t agree with all that unnecessary guilt you harbor. You need to let that ship sail, and stop drowning yourself. You need to write about her, to get over it. You keep holding it in, and instead you need to release it; to finally and fully let go. It’s all you can do. Turn her into literature.

You wanna be a great writer, right? Then you’ve got to write about something real; and for you, that was her.” 


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