We laid beneath the cold sheets, as still and quiet as the world. The only warmth I felt was from her small fragile frame. It radiated and consumed my skin. But it matched her eyes, and I could no longer deny the magnitude of gravity I felt towards this person. The push and pull of our hearts matched the rhythm of our breathing. She was stronger than me though. If I was a moon, she would be a planet. Controlling my every rotation, and revealing the darkest parts of my soul. A few seconds passed, her chest moving lightly up and down; it reminded me of waves coming in and out. It was beautiful really. No matter how far the water goes, it always comes back to kiss the earth. I was lost and found. Isn’t that confusing? Lost in a person that completes my heart. When did we become more than strangers? When did gravity become stronger than my will? When did I start falling in —

“Love, you once told me your deepest desire was to travel the world. Is this still true?”  

Ah she speaks. How beautiful are her words? Her question puzzled me. 

“Your confuzed look. Have your desires changed?”

I took a few seconds to consider the idea. Had I changed? My heart certainly had. 

“What I want is still the same,” I decided. My arms intuitively locked around her waist, sculpting us together as a piece of art. “You are my world, my hands have travelled many times.. and yet, I still desire to discover.” 

She looked sad for a moment, then her face changed to flawless perfection and composed back into her ironc smile. “I am out of your world.. unreachable, undiscovered. Please don’t try to reach me, we breathe different oxygen, and I will suffocate you.” 

Her head fell back on my chest, all was quiet again. Had my heart frozen? 


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