Day dreaming. 

I want your Monday mornings

blanket over your head

legs entangled

hair all over my chest

your nails digging mazes into my back

fight or flight attitude towards a new work week

“lets call in today together babe.”


I want your Tuesday night

tv show marathons

you so exhausted with your heels still on

having your favourite tea made already

“just hold me, it’s been such a long day.”


I want your Wednesday lunch breaks

freshly squeezed orange juice obsession

putting your cup extra pulp for extra energy

you walking out the door

“miss you already… make sure you finish your juice.”


I want your Thursday evening

drink specials for two

collarbones exposed

red lips I love speaking words I can’t get enough of

taking pictures of you when you’re unaware

“just us tonight please.”


I want your thank god its Friday

soul shining radiance

smile as wide and deep as the ocean you love

the front of your shirt unbuttoned one more than usual

your perfume filling my lungs

irresistible smile that drops me to my knees

adventure in your bright eyes 

“let’s do something crazy.”


I want your weekend

Saturday morning cartoons because

you know I like them

barnes and noble book dates to keep us inspired

your voice reciting my favourite lines of poetry

kissing inside dressing rooms as we shop and advise one another

whether we had one too many scoops of ice cream

before lunch time — knowing

“you’re my favourite flavour.”



your Sunday morning breath against my skin

the noises you make before waking

praying for forever

brushing your hair behind your ear

your smile before your eyes grace mine

the frantic first kiss of comfort

clean sheets, sun rays through blind folds

the rough whisper of

“lets stay in bed all day.”


I want your normal

and your stress, and frustration, and anger

I want your good days and your happiness

your tear filled bad days and clenched up fists

I want your mood changes

and daily complaints

I want your drunk “I love yous”

and your honesty, I want your lazy and your lonely

I want your problems and I want your family

all the secrets you’re too scared to tell anyone else

I want your dreams, hopes, disappointments 

and all your laughter

I want everything about you

every day

in every possible form of you

for the rest of my life


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